13.03 - Voiding Polarization

1) High tension electrical wires hold a state of high polarization, (dipolar or bias).
2) Discharge is when the two poles void against each other through spark or resistance ('sex' ala Russell). Thus discharging (voiding) the polarity / bias built up. This occurs 60 times a second in AC electrical curcuits. Bearden writes of this phenomenon.
3) Rotation comes through the voiding? See Figure 13.09 - Primary Emanations from within Dynaspheres and 4+ and 4- in Figure 13.03a - Showing receptive concussion of Positive and Negative forces at the Neutral Center.
4) Rotation develops from the sequential/intermittant occurence of syntropic and entropic states within the Neutral Center by virtue of the different densities. See Figure 13.03a - Showing receptive concussion of Positive and Negative forces at the Neutral Center wherein within the Neutral Center both syntropy and entropy occur. The Neutral Center must swirl much as two ball room dancers swirl where one 'leads' (syntropic) and the other 'follows' (entropic).
5) Juxtaposing contraction (high density) with expansion (low density) causes rotation.

"It will, therefore, be seen that motion, which is the expression of force, cannot take the route of the shortest distance between two points because of the deflection of resistance. It must always take a curved route, its curvature always determined by the density of the intervening potential. The greater the density of matter the greater it resists penetration by any material body, therefore the greater the curvature of deflection. It should also be plainly seen that the tangential pull of generative force acts as a brake to decelerate rotation, while the thrust of radiation acts as a force to accelerate it." [Russell, Genero-Radiative Concept]

6) Juxtaposing contraction with contraction causes rotation? No, try juxtaposing contraction with expansion.
7) If rotation comes on the voiding then the polarity / bias / dipole is used up or neutralized. A new polarity / bias / dipole must be re-established. This "charge - discharge" apparently is Bearden's "regauging".
8) Does the dynasphere somehow re-establish the polarity / bias / dipole during its rotation of white/black? No, but it could be the intermittenacy as in a beat frequency which may be what Keely referred to as "undulatory" as opposed to "stream".
9) Does this mean there is a large center of neutral etheric force which can be instantly and intermittently polarized then depolarized as through projections through the white and black? This may imply a stepping down of etheric potential to molecular motion.
10) If it is on the attempt or desire then polarity is not used up. Because desire is an effect of polarization (duality wherein "there is" but "one has not" but "wants"; i.e., sense or belief in lack; duality of mental conditions.
11) The sun impacts cool water under cool air creating a rising motion and evaporation (dissociation) which then manifests as swirlings of vapor. Is the polarity (hot sun and cool water) used up? A hurricane develops by way of these two polar states and continues its rotary motions until one or the other is unavailable for sustenance of motion (polar conflict).

Atomic Subdivision
Figure 13.06 - atomic Subdivision

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