â–¸ a type of something
â–¸ the particular way in which something appears or exists
â–¸ a shape of someone or something

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3.6 - Differential Densities Begin to Form
3.10 - Vortex Motions result in Appearance of Form
5.1 - Vortex Formation
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Figure 2.1.5 - Russells Rings forming Spheres from Three Pairs of Reflecting Mirrors
Figure 2.19 - Matter formed from Dark and Light
Figure 3.16 - Idea Preceeds Manifestation in Material Form using Cubes and Cones
Figure 3.19 - The Observable forms from the Non-observable
Figure 3.26 - Formation of Spheres along Six Vectors of Cubes
Figure 4.12 - Keelys Formative Structural Dynamic Morphology
Figure 5.4 - Vortex and Gyroscopic Motion on One Plane then on three forming Sphere
Figure 7.2 - Step 2 - Vortex Formation about a Single Axis
Figure 7.3 - Step 3 - Sphere Forms Orthogonally Triple Compressing Shell Layers
Figure 7B.05 - Triplet Forming a Unity
Figure 7B.12 - Sympathetic Affinity Attraction forming Vortex
Figure 8.1 - Russells Painting of Wave Form Dynamics
Light Rings formed at 90 Degrees to Magnetic Center Line
Part 06 - Formation of Cubes
Part 07A - Origin and Formation of Matter
Part 07B - Origin and Formation of Matter
Part 22 - Solar Rings and Planetary Formation
Table 14.03 - Ranges of Forces Vibration Forms Types and Governing Laws

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