"The same thing may be said as to the force of repulsion, or the centrifugal force, changing to one of gravitation. So that, since the centripetal and centrifugal forces, with relation to the center of force, are continuously undergoing a change, or interchange, the one for and into the other, they can, together, be but modifications of one and the same force, of which the center of force is the key or germ". Skinner, John Ralston; An Essay Upon Force and its Effect Upon Matter

"The umbilicus center being that region from which the vibratory forces of the system reach through the activity of the spermatic cords, as come to that of the centralization in the central nerve system and change the vibratory forces in such conditions, see?" [Cayce (1800-16) See Also Endocrine System]

"Gravity may be considered a negative force, for it tends to balance the positive forces. Gravitational forces are vibratory forces and might be defined as the centralization of vibratory forces ready to be changed into power by non-activity." [Cayce (195-70)]

"I center the moving shaft of My universe, yet I move not, although its power to move springeth from Me. I center living things which manifest My life, but they live not. I alone live." Russell, The Secret of Light

"Behold, I am within all things centering them; and I am without all things controlling them, but I am not those things which I center in them and control in space surrounding them. I am the center of My universe of Me, Everywhere I am is the center of all things, and I am everywhere." Russell, The Secret of Light

"The bridge of mist" he (Keely) writes, "which spanned the chasm between the two is gradually resolving itself into one of granite, which the nations of the earth may safely traverse, stretching between the two centers; the celestial and terrestrial. The visible one is the one of mist: the invisible one is the one of granite." [Clara Jessup Bloomfield-Moore]

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