Music "The working out or development of a subject, e.g., the notes of a scale." (A Dictionary of Musical Terms)

The evolution of a music scale from the fundamental or keynote to and through the higher partials or harmonics. See Progressive Evolution, Overtone Series

"As man applies the laws of which he becomes conscious, the development of man brings forth those results merited by that knowledge...This we find, then is evolution. Man's development through man's acquiring, man's understanding of spiritual laws, of earthly laws, of God's laws, and applying same." Cayce (900-70)

"Evolution by degrees is the perfect description of the supreme achievement of the ego. That keeps you in a constant state of allowing yourself to believe that there is a goal just around the corner as opposed to the recognition that if you are the perfect creation of the Father, what could there be to evolve into except the memory of it and memory is instantaneous." A Dialogue on Awakening

Mind - the One Cosmic Substance

Mind - the One Cosmic Substance
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy)
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