a process in which a chemical change happens
a physical force that is caused by an opposite physical force, usually producing a form of energy
strong opposition to any emotional, psychological, social or political change

"Becoming, or formation of substance into matter, is the mystery of reflection, that is, the phenomenon which is re-action. Neither action nor its reflector (the passive element of its nature) is a phenomenon. It is the reaction which is the effect of duality, and thus relative appearance." [R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, Esoterism and Symbol, page 8]

"The universe of matter is a registration of the energy expended by Mind in the effort of thinking. The exact energy of the action of thinking is registered in the electro-positive charging systems, and the reaction of the action is registered in the electro-negative discharging systems." [Figure 12.11 - Russells Locked Potential Full Ten Octave Gamut]

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