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Dispersion: Mutual repulsion, disintegration, dissociation, chaos, entropy, tenuity, vacuum; i.e., vacuum is dispersed matter.

"Beyond disintegration lies dispersion, and Keely can just as easily disperse the atoms of matter as disintegrate its molecules. Disperse them into what? Well, - into ether, apparently; into the hypothetical substratum which modern scientist (1892) have postulated, and about whose nature they know absolutely nothing but what they invent themselves, but which to Keely is not hypothesis, but a fact as real as his own shoes; and which ether, indeed, seems to be `the protoplasm of all things.'" [Bloomfield-Moore, Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter 8. see Thermodynamics, Reversible, Irreversible]

"On the propagation of a pulse through a dispersive medium."
"Contrary to what is given in many textbooks, after a sufficiently long time a pulse transmitted through a dispersive medium with a significant quadratic term is proportional to the Fourier transform of the original pulse shape.
By thinking backwards from a truncated transform, one sees that production of power pulses at a distance may be possible by multifrequency transmission of Fourier transform patterns. Each frequency transmitted may be from a different transmitter and location, so long as the aggregate converges at the distant desired spot. By using scalar beams to so converge, one recovers all the transmission of energy without loss, and in a geometric pattern of one's choice. This seems to be the mechanism for the Tesla shield. [Jones, J.; American Journal of Physics. 42(1), Jan. 1974. p. 43-46.]

"It was not necessary to prove that cobalt "decays." To decay means to disintegrate, depolarize, discharge and die. All matter does that, whether atom or man. This experiment, however, did not assist in the decay process, for it lined up the gravity shaft of cobalt with the gravity shaft of the electric field. That is a process of polarization, which divides any one electrical condition into pairs. The process of decay is an opposite effect. It ejects rings from equators, as clearly shown in Saturn - see Fig. 4 - and in Jupiter - see Fig. 3."[Atomic Suicide, page 274]

See Keelys Forty Laws that govern the following three systems of dissociation
Molecular Dissociation
Atomic Dissociation
Etheric Dissociation

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