Same as wave train, flow and current.

"I include in the polar forces, magnetism, electricity and gravital sympathy, each stream composed of three currents, which collectively make up the governing conditions of the one Universal controlling medium." [POLAR CURRENT]

"These (three modes of vibration), it will be noted, correspond to the three laws of being. It is not to be understood that any one of these three modes of vibration can exist independently. Each by itself is called a "current," and all three must be present in every "stream" or "flow" of force. The relations of the currents in every flow are expressible in thirds, and it is experimentally demonstrable that the relations of the three are in the order named: as 33 1/3 : 66 2/3 : 100." [Keely and His Discoveries, Conclusion, Keely's Physical Philosophy]

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