11.10 - Matter is the Recording of Sequential and Successive Steps of Polarized Thought

The music scale below (Table 11.01 - Scale of Infinite Ninths its Structure and Base) illustrates a naturally occuring evolution of polar states in their rhymical motions generally considered as vibration or vibratory/oscillatory periodic motions. Polar states begin a long climb from a depolar non-vibratory condition (entropic dispersion) to a high state of intense vibratory action (syntropic consolidation). This climb from low energy to high energy and activity is reflected in number and (arithmetical) relations between those numbers. [see Russell's Scale of Locked Potentials.]

2002, 09/06: Question to Dawn: (paraphrased from memory) "Did John Keely use the term "ninths" like we use the term "octave"?

Dawn: "Yes, the ninths are infinite in latency and from which all else comes as in "zero" point where "C" or the fundamental resides at the octave location in a scale. Keely would use a violin or harmonica because he could "slide" the tones to match a harmonic pitch."

This scale is about the sequential and successive polarization / depolarization of Mind Force as it becomes observable matter and returns to non-observable anti-matter (non-matter, the Void of Space). See Figure 1.5 - Expanded Gamut of Mind and Matter Chart.

One of the scales Keely used, in some of his work, has nine tones with sixteen half steps. The ninth tone (the octave position) being Keely's "infinite ninths". The ninth tone is not a true music tone, as generally considered, but it is the progenitor (ala Pythagoras) from which the other tones are created by differentiation or refraction (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) and represent depolar non-activity. Therefore the fundamental or tonic of a scale is considered as an undifferentiated tone (depolar) while all the others within its octave family are progressively differentiated and somewhat less harmonious because of their duality and they are all EFFECTS of the ONE TONIC of the scale - everything being relative of course. (One should not look through a music playing musician's eyes/ears when studying this scale. To do so would be exceedingly misleading and frustrating.)

The process of differentiation of the depolar Quiescent Neutral State (Void) to the Individuated Unit is acomplished by addition, powers and multiplication when increasing energy. The process of differentiation of the polar Individuated Unit to Quiescent Neutral State is accomplished by subtraction, square root and division when decreasing energy.

"The "elements of matter" do not vary in substance. They vary only in their states of motion.

"All motion is periodic and evolutionary.

"All motion is motion in equilibrium. No other motion is possible.

"All motion has the appearance of being divided into opposites.

"These opposites of motion shall henceforth be termed "motion-in-inertia" and "motion-in-opposition".

"All that appearance which man calls matter is "motion-in-opposition".

"Motion-in-opposition is under either preponderantly electric or magnetic domination. It is a state of motion where pressures are unequalized and sustained in their state of unequalization by the resistance of the two opposing forces in motion. The point of maximum motion-in-opposition is the nucleal center of a unit or system where opposing pressures reach their point of maximum pressure.

"Form of matter disappears into motion-in-inertia.

"Motion-in-inertia is equally electric and magnetic. Neither force dominates. It is a state of motion where pressures are equalized." [Russell, The Universal One; Book 01 - Chapter 02 - The Life Principle]

"Fig. 46-D exemplifies the normal balance of equal interchange in sequential transactions. Every giving is balanced by an equal regiving. As long as that interchange continues its product is GOOD and will continue." [Atomic Suicide, page 173]

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