Principle of Regeneration Russell

Principle of Regeneration Russell
"Of this more will be written when further consideration of causes make the effects of those causes more comprehensible.

All male actions are centripetal and all female reactions are centrifugal.

Variance of centripetal or centrifugal force is variation of potential.

Union and reproduction are always governed by sex periodicity in electro-magnetic charge, the order of which will be written down and charted.

Consider, for example, the reproduction of the sound of the human voice echoing in the hills. Sound, like all other forms of energy, is an accumulated potential.

Release this high potential and it immediately expands.

Expansion is radiation.

Radiation is discharge of accumulated potential.

As the sound of the voice, as accumulated potential, radiates into the silence of higher octaves of lower potential, and impacts against the closely integrated high potential of the cliff side, the degenerative discharge is reversed and becomes generative charge.

Expanding lowering potential is reversed to contracting higher potential.

In other words, the sex opposites in the radiating sound waves are forced into closer contact by the impact, so that the wave dimensions which originally produced the sound are restored.

The counterpart of the sound as cause has been produced as a reproduced effect of that cause.

It is not the same sound, it is another sound.

It is a reproduced counterpart, a regenerated reincarnation of the state of motion which originally produced the sound.

That which is true of regeneration by echo is also true of reproduction by radio or any other similar process. All are but the reversal of radiation into regeneration by impact against the inertial planes of higher potentials.

Generation or re-generation is an effect of gravitation. An impact of radiative energy against any lower Octave of integration will set up the necessary resistance to the radiative energy to regenerate it into its original form." Russell, The Universal One, Book 1, Chapter 10)

"Generating Mass seeks higher pressure zones. Degenerating Mass seeks lower pressure zones. Regeneration is effected by Degenerative Impact in inertia, thus reversing sex." Russell

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