Reciprocating Proportionality

The underlying law of Creation is RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE in all transactions in Nature. It is the one principle upon which the continuity of the universe depends. Likewise, it is the one principle upon which the continuity of man's transactions, his health and happiness depend. It is the manifestation of God's two opposing desires in all processes of creation.

BALANCE is the principle of unity, of oneness. In it is the stability which lies in CAUSE. BALANCE is the foundation of the universe.

BALANCED INTERCHANGE simulates oneness by interchange between pairs of opposites. It is the principle of equal giving between all moving pairs of unbalanced opposites which constitute this dual electric universe. In it is the instability of EFFECT. Instability is forever seeking to find stability. It can never find it, but it can simulate it by balancing its instability through equality of interchange.

RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE is the principle of continuity of EFFECT. Balanced interchange between opposites repeats simulaton of stability, and rhythmic balanced interchange continues that repetition. Russell, The Secret of Light, page 106-107

The degree to which a vibrating or oscillating system is either one polarity or the other can be pictured or expressed in relative and accumulative numbers. Using the + sign to indicate power accumulating (syntropic) quantities and using a - sign to indicate dispersive (entropic) quantities. Russell used his Scale of Locked Potentials to measure degrees of polarity and this author believed Keely sometimes used his mysterious thirds, sixths and ninths as part of his referencing method based on proportion or parts of a whole. [see Modes of Vibration and Three Laws of Being]

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