ETHER - Snell

The ether is the universal agent of energy and only through it are motion and attendant phenomena produced. It may very properly be called the "Soul of Things."

Its sympathetic activity and infinite tenuity give it a frequency so great as to evolve self-luminescence. This same luminescent ether is bound latent in the corpuscular embrace in all aggregated matter until liberated by a "compound vibratory negative medium" heat, vibration or sympathetic negative attraction. This very property of self-luminescence evidenced by the ether indicates a still greater region beyond.

Hertz conjectured that a knowledge of the structure of the ether would reveal the essence of matter itself together with its inherent properties, weight and inertia. He said, "Soon the question set by modern physics will be 'Are not all things due to conditions of the ether?'" He discovered in 1888 that the ether had been imprisoned and used as a fulcrum for electric attraction and repulsion in every electromagnetic engine, without any scientist even so much as suspecting it before. Pythagoras considered the Ether as a divine luminous principle which pervades and permeates all things. The German mystics called it the "Weltgeist" or "Astral Light." Newton believed that through its activity and strength bodies were caused to attract each other and adhere.

Celestial sympathetic radiation of the "compound interetheric" is the fountain head from which all aggregate matter is formed, the controlling force in all aggregations. If there were no radiation from the great Celestial Center, space would be void.

"The mathematics of vibratory etheric science, both pure and applied, require long and arduous research. It seems to me no man's life is long enough to cover more than the introductory branch. The theory of elliptic functions, the calculus of probabilities, are but pygmies in comparison to a science that requires the utmost tension of the human mind to grasp."

"The luminiferous ether the compound interetheric element in other words, celestial mind force is the substance of which all visible and invisible things are composed." Keely seems here to speak of the Neutral Center as the Celestial Mind Force. "It is the great sympathetic protoplastic element life itself. Its sympathetic outreach is mind flow or will force actuating sympathetic polarization to produce action and sympathetic depolarization to neutralize it. Polar and depolar differentiation result in motion. The ether has for its attendants gravity, electricity and magnetism, the triple conditions born of itself. It is the Soul of Matter, from which all forms of motion receive their introductory impulse."

"Corpuscular activity represents the outflow of the ether from the luminiferous toward neutral centers of aggregation revealing the connecting link between mind and matter. This luminosity has no thermal accompaniment, although, paradoxically, all thermal conditions emanate from etheric vibration. The tenuity of the ether accounts for this. It is only when the streams come in contact with crude matter that heat is evolved from its latent state together with a different order of light, from the luminiferous ether, the sun being the intermediate transmitter."

"Were it not for the intense vortex motion attending the dissociation of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, the ether could not be held suspended either in the molecular or atomic envelopes. This vortex action is caused by the differential conflict between terrestrial condensation and solar tensions, the outflow and inflow, which also produces light."

The attractive property of the interetheron for streams of coincidence (the nodes of resonant vibrations) is not a magnetic force exercised by itself. The magnet is susceptible to only certain forms of aggregate matter iron for instance and its preparations.

He mentions a frequency which he claims to have produced of 156,057,552,198,220,000 per second in the spherical engine, which in turn caused a neutral indicator to revolve 123 times per second, and stated he believed this to be only a minute fraction of the frequencies governing the "far luminous centers."

"Etheric wave motion" as well as "concentration under vibratory concussion" and "negative vacuous tenuity" he demonstrated in his experiments.

He [Keely] at last came to the conclusion that it was impossible to use the ether directly in an engine as we now use and control steam and electricity. He therefore turned his attention after this to the use of the ether merely as a medium for "sympathetic vibration associated positively with the polar stream" in his magnetic engine.

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