Secret of Thoth and the Missing Volume of the Wedjat Eye

The Secret of Thoth and the Missing volume of the Wedjat Eye in the Hebrew Letter Yvd.
Wedjat Eye
Wedjat Eye

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Secret of Thoth and the Missing Volume of the Wedjat Eye
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Y-V-D written in plentitude gives the simple numerations 1-6-4 which conceals numerous secrets.

Y-V-D can be written as 1/64 or as 164 depending upon its unique and intended usage. When, for example, we use it as 164 we discover that it conceals a Lunar cycle, in that 41x4=164, where 41% is the percentage of the Lunar surface ever visible to the naked eye.

When we subsequently multiply 164x4=656 we determine the hours of the Moon in one sidereal Lunation period of 27.3 days, and the secret Qabalistic value of the "Messiah" in Greek Qabalah.

Qabalistically "Yvd" determines time not only by volume, that is by a contraction of electromagnetic space, but also secretly in the ratio of the developing series of the musical scale written as I/VD or 1/64th.

The true mystery of I-EVE (the Tetragrammaton or Jehovah) is electromagnetic and is to be understood in the manner in which the spectrum produces its octaves.

This is one of the great secrets.

Yvd engenders in itself the very reflection of itself by the first tone on the number line where its division into 1 and 64 parts is represented by these relative divisions of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64. Thus inclusive within the Yvd are 1 and 64 parts which comprises its various octaves.

In addition to this we must consider that in musical theory the first tone is F since F creates the ascending C Major scale. Yvd, therefore, can be designated as the note F in the Chromatic scale of 12 notes and can be made to signify the initial taxonomic intervals of F-1 terminating an F-64 .

Between F-1 and F-64 there are "six octaves" while the scale itself is completed between C-24 and C-48. The first tone is represented by the relative number 1 and it's octave by the division of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64. The first scale found between C-24 and C-48 is the C-Major Ascending scale.

True Qabalah is governed by the division of the Perfect One, the unitary "Cube" volume which is divided into 2/3 and 1/3 by its geometrical fractions, or harmonies, that is by the Yvd and its unique division of the volume by the special numerical properties of 2 and 3.

The original Egyptian Hekat was intended display 64 Parts which was furthermore symbolized by the Egyptian Wedjet Eye as 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64. Combining these divisions gave 63/64 leaving 1/64 missing. Therefore in order to complete the volume this missing 1/64 would need to be accounted for and we are told according to the Egyptian narrative, that "Thoth filled in missing volume" of 1/64.

According to Schwaller de Lubicz, "the cubic cubic was governed by the Pharaonic division of the unitary cubic volume into 2/3, the (the Khar) , and the division of the Hekat, (1/30th of the cubic cubit) into 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64. This system associates the division of the volume by 3 with the division by 2... volume is space in principle without form. Mystically, it must be reduced into form as 1, 2/3, and 1/3. Space having no form, in contracting itself into volume, is reduced by 1/3, the sphere having 2/3 the volume". [The Temple of Man, Vol.1]

The 2/3 represents the "Khar" which is derived from the Egyptian term 'Khat' which means "to measure". The Khar was the first measured form of a sphere obtained from the contraction of this sphere and its subsequent movements as a measure of Time.

Let us consider that the volume of the Moon enclosing the Earth, is equivalent to 27.3 days, or 656 hours, signifying a unity. In this respect when we divide this Unity into so many fractions we can express various physical properties of this volume. So taking 27.3 days to represent this unity in days and hours not only conveys a truth but also expresses the physical laws which the Spatial volume made up by the Moon revolving on its axis and around the Earth.

Taking 27.3 x 12 months =328 which is exactly 1/2 of 656, so that in 24 months of 27.3 days gives 656 days.

The 328 is one sidereal month short of the Shanah of 355 days which gives 8528 hours but also a Unity in "13", which is to say Achad. 328/41=8 which is to say that 41 x 16 =656, or 164 x 4, or 4 Yvds =1 Unity of 13 months of 355 days etc.

The genuine secret of Thoth pertains to the aforementioned numerations based upon a geometrical fraction of the lunar months by sidereal time, 13 months of 355 days, and synodic time, 12 months of 29.58 days, where every 29.58 days are exactly 8 lunation periods, New Moon to New Moon.

Thoth is a division of these days by fractioning, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, and when we add these fractions together we get 63/64 which shows 1/64 missing. A proper understanding of the Mystery of Thoth is truly The Mystery of the Lost WORD and the harmonic basis of for the development of the Cube of Space.

Lunar months roll on and on without any real stopping point, there are only calculations, therefore by saying 13 months we imply 12 months of the Chromatic scale, or 12 + 1 gives a Unity=13 since the 13th is actually the first. When we convert the sidereal months to synodic months we discover that in 29.58 day periods, divided into 8 phases, (8 is the number of Thoth), only 41% of the moon is ever visible to the naked eye.

For example in a Synodic month (29.58 days) the Moon waxes and wanes from Visible to Invisible following a specific reduction of this percentage by this geometrical series of Thoth. From 'New Moon to New Moon; we are essentially saying that from 1 to 64 parts, or 63/64, with a small increment left over.

There are actually 8 divisions of Thoth by 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, and 63/64 which brings us back to Unity that began with either a Full Visible Moon or a Full Invisible Moon. (The Hebrews utilized the Dark Moon for their calendars.)

Now if we take 656 to equal our Unity than one half equals 328, 1/4=164 ,1/8=82, 1/16=41, 1/32=20.5, and 1/64=10.25. Then adding each of these fractions together we get 328 + 164 + 82 + 41 + 20.5 + 10.25 =645.75, hours/days, which is exactly 1/64 too short, 10.25, of 656, our original Unity... and the "Messiah"=656 in Greek Qabalah.

This Missing volume is "coaguable light" which descends from the Moon in reduced form following this geometrical fractioning of 27.3 days, therefore we must consider this in direct connection with the electromagnetic coupling of the Earth core and the Moon as the Moon circles the Earth. Likewise we must consider how this rotational "volume" relates to this "reflected light" and the subsequent positive or negative charge that both the Earth and Moon take upon themselves in their respective actual rotations in connection with the Sun.

This is indeed the alchemical secret of the Sun and the Moon.

And in this lunar cycle we can discover the relationship of the Yvd, or 1/64 of this missing volume, in the 13th Lunar month, or the so-called Intercalary month of the Hebrews, called Ve-Adar or the second Adar.

The Egyptian Wedjet Eye conveyed this same Occult thought when it sought to express its meaning for measuring capacities of grains and so forth in their Secret Cycles of Time.

By: Ravi-Akiba Ben-David Image by: Ravi-Akiba Ben-David www.adeptinitiates.com

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