6.6 - Cube Corner Retroreflectors

God's End of the Cosmic Bridge

The eight corner projectors of the Universal radar broadcasting stations.

God's end of the cosmic
Bridge where motion begins
Its projection into space
To simulate mind-idea.

Matter begins by division of stillness in the inert gases and its projection by two-way motion into pairs of octave wave tones, which we call elements. The principle of projection is the same that man uses in projecting the concept of his idea into the moving form of the idea. It is the dual radar principle of Nature. Reduced to its ultimate simplicity, Nature is a series of echoes.

Cube corner retroreflectors have three mutually orthogonal reflecting surfaces. The cube corners reflect dispersing rays back towards the source or cube center. The reflection angle 180° is independent of the orientation of the corner cube, thereby always reflecting directly back to center (source).

Cube corner retroreflectors operate on the principle of total internal reflection. A beam entering the corner is reflected by the three orthogonal reflecting surfaces and returns parallel to itself, back to its origin, center or source. This return reflection property is independent of orientation of the retro-reflector, within some angle limitations. This unique property would make retroreflectors ideal CENTERS of neutrality or voiding. As these corners are points where three Planes of Neutrality meet they themselves are centers of neutrality and are sympathetically connected to every other Center of Neutrality via sympathetic coincidence and also the Planes of Inertia/Neutrality connecting all other Planes of Inertia and corner Centers of Neutrality. Here we can see that while the activated centers of every cube are individuated materiality - that which gives birth to them, the Planes and Corners of Neutrality, are One continuous Neutrality or Zone of Pure Potential surrounding them all.

Corner Reflectors mirroring into each other (eight at center and eight at periphery corners) create the 0-4 Potentials by harmonic interference.

Figure 12.02 - 0 Inertia Centered Scale
Figure 12.02 - 0 Inertia Centered Scale

"The cube projector, shown in Fig. 62, is repeated in the cube receiver, shown herein. Motion which has been divided into pairs and thrown out into space by the projector, is multiplied in the vortices of the receiver, which corresponds to the corner reflectors of radar. Forms and sounds which are born in space are thus echoed back to space." [Atomic Suicide, page 254]

"If you should cause an explosion in the very center of a perfectly spherical room you would form spherical layers of increasingly dense pressures with maximum density at the surface of the sphere. The center of the sphere would be maximum in vacuity. The explosion would be symmetrically radial. The reaction to that explosion would also be its reverse. The reflections which would return by radar from the spherical walls of that room would collide at its very center. Compression would then be exerted from the outside and density would increase in the direction of the center. Nature does not work that way, however. Nature causes her explosions to take place as though they were confined within the flat walls of a room of four or many walls of such shapes as we see in crystals. If you caused such an explosion in your six sided room the outward expansion would no longer be even. It would not even be spherical because of the four corners, which would have to be filled. The outward explosion could no longer produce straight radial lines, which would reflect back in straight radial lines. Every radial line would have to curve in the direction of its corners, and as they approached those corners their curvature would twist and increase in speed as they approached the corners. In a sphere all radial lines are equal, but in a cube the diagonals are longer than the diameters. This fact accounts for the curvature, the spin and the shaft. It also accounts for the disappearance of all curvature." [Atomic Suicide, page 289]

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