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My Father, Mr. Edgar L. Hollingshead through who's efforts this thesis was made possible.

In order to overcome the force of gravity we must first make an assumption as to just what gravity is. Then working under that assumption, prove to our reason that our hypothesis is correct. Thus, I shall say that the force known as gravitation is an emanation coming from the sun.

In order that we may gain some understanding of the great force of solar energy which controls the solar system, which is necessary if we are to understand the real cause of weight in matter, let us consider the fact that reason proves to us that we cannot have a great force like gravitation coming into the earth unless there is an equal and opposite force coming out of the earth; otherwise, there would be an unbalanced condition in nature where order is the fact. Likewise, we cannot conceive of a great force like gravitation coming from no place in space, for reason prove[s] to us that there must be some definite place for this force to come from, and also a definite place for its opposite polarity to return to. We know that the force coming from the sun manifests as light and heat, and therefore, we know that gravitation has a preponderately [sic] positive nature; thus, reason proves to us that the force returning to the sun or the opposite polarity of gravitation must have a preponderately [sic] negative character. This force, coming from the sun, must cross interplanetary space in the form of high etheric energy, but when this energy comes in contact with the atmosphere of the earth, it is thereby resisted and slowed down or "transformed" into electricity, light, and heat.

In order that we may realize how it is possible to develop a process by which the weight of matter can be changed, it is


time, thus proving that the side of the earth that is next to the sun is receiving a greater amount of the force of gravitation than is the case with the side of the earth that is away from the sun. Therefore, the vortexual [sic] energy forming the molecules of the pendulum of the clock is not resisting as great an amount of the force of gravitation during night as it is in the daytime; thus, the pendulum is lighter and swings faster at night than it does in the daytime under the same power exerted.

In order to understand the true nature of force, we must realize that reason proves to us that mankind cannot conceive of a force unless there is something moving. If there is something moving, it must be a substance in some form, not necessarily physical matter as that term is commonly used, but a substance. Therefore, all forces of nature must have two parts, a substance and speed. With that hypothesis in mind, if we consider light as a substance with a speed of 186,000 miles per second, we know that we cannot get something from nothing; therefore, reason proves to us that electricity must also be a substance in motion. We also know that we generate electricity by what is termed cutting magnetic lines of force, which in reality is a transformation of a higher force to a slower one.

Let us stop and picture in our minds a two pole generator. Let us imagine that these two poles are tanks of water, and that the lines of force shooting from pole to pole is a stream of water. Also, that we have an armature made of screen placed between these two poles, or in the pathway of this water. Now if this screen armature is standing still it would have very little resistance to the flow of the water, but the moment we begin to rotate the armature we know that the water would pile itself up on the face of the screen;


in other words, we would resist the flow or the water, and this is precisely what is being accomplished in an electric dynamo. The armature whirling in a field of force resists the substance known as magnetic energy, and this energy or substance is thereby caused to pile itself upon the face of the armature and is thereby slowed down or "transformed" into what is known as electricity.

Having proven to reason that in all force there is a substance in motion, this substance must be governed and controlled by the same principles that govern all matter throughout the universe. In other words, the substance or body of a force must be made up of minute eddies of force which correspond to the atoms of matter. This being true, these eddies of force are competent of being broken up and thereby release an energy of great potential power. Thus, by looking upon the amperage of electricity as a substance, it is possible, by mechanical methods, to break up these eddies of force forming the body of amperage of electricity and thereby release a force which corresponds to the atomic energy in matter, with this important difference however; that the speed of the energy released out of the eddies of force forming the amperage of electricity is traveling infinitely faster than is the case with the atoms forming the molecules of matter. Therefore, when this electronic energy is released from the amperage of electricity, and properly controlled and applied, it can be made to raise or lower the atomic energy in matter to any degree desired.

The resultant energy released by this process is a force that is similar in character to the X-Ray or the Radio-Active rays emanating from radium, with this important difference; its rate of vibration or speed is far greater than either of the rays mentioned. This rate can be changed, lowered, or intensified, its polarity reversed and its direction of [missing text]


of this new ray can be changed all the way from where it will affect a photographic plate, the same as ordinary light, up to where it will disintegrate solid rock the instant it touches the rock.

In order that you may understand how it is possible to change the atomic speed of matter and make this change remain permanent, it will be necessary for me to explain a new principle in what is called polarity. In using the term polarity in this sense, I mean the inter-exchange of two forces of different character. Scientists generally consider that there is a positive and negative side to all manifestations of force, but in order to fully understand the force stored up in matter, it is necessary to consider the fact, experimentally proven, that there are not only two forces of different characteristics manifesting in the principle of polarity, but that there is also a third force or phase; in other words, it has been experimentally proven that there are three phases of energy manifesting in every atom of matter or in every stream of force. These three phases are known as the positive, negative, and dominant. These three phases of energy have been proven to be manifesting in their relation to each other as follows: The positive is the lowest rate or three, the negative is the central phase or six, and the dominant is the highest or nine.* [See 369]

If you take a piece of metal and place it in the fire, you will stimulate the positive phase of energy in the atoms; take it out of the fire and it will come back to its normal relation to the other two phases. Place the same metal in chemicals and freeze it


and you will stimulate the negative phase; take it out and it will come back to its normal relation to the other two. However, if you will raise all three phases of atomic energy in an atom at the same time, and keep them in their normal relation to each other, there is no incentive on the part of any one phase to come back to its original state of vibration, as you have left them at their normal relation to each other.

Thus, by applying a force with a sufficiently high rate or energy which has three phases of energy within its nature, we were able to raise all three phases of energy in the molecules of matter at the same time, and thus establish a new rate of atomic speed; therefore, when the atomic speed of matter is once changed by the ray, it remains permanently where it is placed.

Reason proves to us that a principle which is universal in its application, such as three phases of energy, must manifest on all planes of activity in accordance with its nature. Therefore, this principle must apply also to the forces governing a solar system. In other words, the negative side of gravitation must be flowing at a rate of speed one-third faster than the positive side of gravitation. In order to cause the atomic speed or matter to resist this negative side of the force coming out of the earth, it would be necessary to increase the atomic speed of matter. This hypothesis was proved to be true through development of the ray.

It is commonly believed that the force known as magnetic energy is produced out of electricity, but it is unreasonable to believe that we can produce a higher rate of force out of a lower one. We know we can "house in", insulate or confine electricity, but we also know that magnetic energy cannot be insulated or confined,


proving therefore, that magnetic energy is a faster or superior force to that of electricity. If we cause electricity to flow through a coil of wire, we resist the flow or retard its action, and reason tells us that we cannot retard the action of the force and at the same time transform it into a higher force of different character.

Therefore, by causing electricity to flow through a coil of wire a vortex of energy is set up which resists the flow of gravitation and transforms gravitation into magnetic energy.

It is a well known fact that magnetic energy can in turn be resisted by an armature whirling in a field or force, and, thus generate electricity. Resist electricity properly and we will produce an arc-light by a combustible material, and we have flame or heat; resist this flame or heat by the oxygen and nitrogen in the air and we have sound; place it in a vacuum, we have no sound; properly resist this one force substance again, in the form of the amperage of electricity, and we create cohesion in the form of helium. Thus, we see that it is possible by commencing at the top with gravitation, and by a series or steps of resistance only, it is possible to create magnetism, electricity, light, heat, sound and cohesion from the one higher force known as gravitation.

In conclusion I would like to bring out the fact that this ray mentioned previously was actually demonstrated to public and press during the period of 1921 to 1924, by the late Mr. Edgar L. Hollingshead. In the initial work of studying out the principles upon which this ray was based, Mr. Edgar L. Hollingshead was assisted by the late Dr. L. Frank Johnson of Los Angeles who was an electrical engineer, and an Honorary Member of the Academy of Science of France.


At that time with the ray they were able to lighten weight of various metals without changing their tensile strength, penetrate 6 1/2 inches or steel and 11 inches of lead and affect a photographic film. Other experiments determined the fact that metals could be made to have an appreciable permanent hot or cold effect.

This theory was instigated and published in the press by the late Mr. Edgar L. Hollingshead in 1921. The neutron was discovered by Professor W. Pauli in 1932.

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