17.04 - Speed of Gravity Propagation

The force of gravity is an example of instantaneous communication. Astronomer Tom Van Flandern computes a lower-bound on the speed of gravity as being not less than 20 billion times the speed of light (2x1010c). (Van Flandern, Tom. The speed of gravity - What the experiments say. Physics Letters A, volume 250 (21 December 1998): pp. 1–11)

Gravity does not travel or propagate from place to place. What is communicated is the STATE of a Neutral Center to the center of another centralization. This is done through "sympathy" or sympathetic vibration or sympathetic oscillation within the interetheric subdivision. Today (2007) science is playing around with sympathetic vibration (which they have relabeled as "quantum entanglement") and are in fact instantaneously communicating one particle's state to another particle at a distance. We have already discussed how a vibratory influence may propagate through interetheric media at enormous supraluminal velocities. If Keely is correct in stating sound travels through vacuum (which is in fact an interetheric medium) at 20,000 feet per second then that idea gives us a rather large clue about longitudinal wave propagation through different kinds of media.

Faster than Speed of Light "it seeks its medium of concordant tenuity with a velocity greater than that of light." Keely, Latent Force and Theory of Vibratory Lift for Airships

"Although physicists know that this extraordinary influence exists between inanimate objects as a class, they look upon the human organism as little more than a machine, taking small interest in researches which evince the dominion of mind over matter. Keely's experimental research in this province has shown him that it is neither the electric nor the magnetic flow, but the etheric, which sends its current along our nerves; that the electric or the magnetic bears an infinitely small ratio to that of an etheric flow, both as to velocity and tenuity; that true coincidents can exist between any mediums-cartilage to steel, steel to wood, wood to stone, and stone to cartilage; that the same influence (sympathetic association) which governs all the solids holds the same governing influence over all liquids; and again, from liquid to solid, embracing the three kingdoms, animal, vegetable and mineral; that the action of mind over matter thoroughly substantiates these incontrovertible laws of sympathetic etheric influence; that the only true medium which exists in nature is the sympathetic flow emanating from the normal human brain, governing correctly the graduating and setting-up of the true sympathetic vibratory positions in machinery necessary to success; that these flows come in on the order of the fifth and seventh positions of atomic subdivision, compound ether a resultant of this subdivision; that, if metallic mediums are brought under the influence of this sympathetic flow they become organism which carry the same influence with them that the human brain does over living physical positions - that the composition of the metallic and of the physical are one and the same thing, although the molecular arrangement of the physical may be entirely opposite to the metallic on their aggregations; that the harmonious chords induced by sympathetic positive vibration permeate the molecules in each, notwithstanding, and bring about the perfect equation of any differentiation that may exist - in one, the same as in the other - and thus they become one and the same medium[*] for sympathetic transmission; that the etheric flow is of a tenuity coincident to the condition governing the seventh subdivision of matter - a condition of subtlety that readily and instantaneously permeates all forms of aggregated matter, from air to solid hammered steel - the velocity of the permeation being the same with the one as with the other; that the tenuity of the etheric flow is so infinitely fine that any magnifying glass, the power of which would enlarge the smallest grain of sand to the size of the sun, brought to bear upon it, would not make it visible to us; that light, traversing at the speed of 200,000 miles per second a distance requiring a thousand centuries to reach, would be traversed by the etheric flow in an indefinite fragment of a second." [from Sympathetic Vibratory Force] (underline added)

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