In physics, a quantum (plural: quanta) is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. Behind this, one finds the fundamental notion that a physical property may be "quantized," referred to as "the hypothesis of quantization". (wikipedia)

A least quantity of a type of force or energy. Same as Keely's Interatomic, Etheric, Interetheric and Compound Interetheric or sub-atomic.

This high frequency realm of tenuous matter or plasma and energy operates on the basis of sympathy between centers.

The secret of energy is a stationary principal which is everywhere at once.

122 years have passed since Max Planck discovered the quantum.

Planck’s constant is an eternally recurring movement breathing the universe to life; each repeat the same quantum of energy configured differently.

The evolving energy packet is Planck’s constant: h = 6.62607015×10?34 J?Hz. (No matter the quantum’s frequency its energy is constant)

The universe is the secondary result of quantum repetition and recognizing the quantum singularity reveals its cause:

Because the quantum is a single event whose repetition brings forth the universe it follows that its cause is without movement/still.
Thus, the stationary principal is everywhere at once – in your head advising you not to accept the above logic.

We are all linked by a fabric of unseen connections. This fabric is constantly changing and evolving. This field is directly structured and influenced by our behavior and by our understanding. [David Bohm]

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