positive association

In comparing the tenuity of the atmosphere with that of the etheric flows, obtained by Mr. Keely from his invention for dissociating the molecules of air by vibration, he says, "It is as platina to hydrogen gas. Molecular separation of air brings us to the first subdivision only; intermolecular, to the second; atomic, to the third; interatomic, to the fourth; etheric to the fifth; and interetheric to the sixth subdivision, or positive association with luminiferous ether. In my introductory argument I have contended that this is the vibratory envelope of all atoms. In my definition of atom I do not confine myself to the sixth subdivision, where this luminiferous ether is developed in its crude form, as far as my researches prove. I think this idea will be pronounced, by the physicists of the present day, a wild freak of the imagination. Possibly, in time, a light may fall upon this theory that will bring its simplicity forward for scientific research. At present I can only compare it to some planet in a dark space, where the light of the sun of science has not yet reached it. . . . [More Science]

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