"The opening of the centers or the raising of the life force may be brought about by certain characters of breathing - for, as indicated, the breath is power in itself; and this power may be directed to certain portions of the body. But for what purpose? As yet it has been only to see what will happen!

"Remember what curiousity did to the cat! Remember what curiousity did to Galileo, and what it did to Watt - but they used it in quite different directions in each case!" Cayce (2475-1)

"Almost immediately with the intake of the breath from the surrounding influence..." Cayce (314-1)

"A spontaneous and hearty burst of laughter is first experienced as a rush of rippling consciousness through the head, bringing a lightening of the entire consciousness. This is immediately followed by the physical 'ripple effect' of laughter, experienced as a light beating of breath on the diaphragm to break up any tension and to smooth away any residue of bitterness." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 9, page 14]

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