2.16 - One Appearing as Extended

Time, as ego or natural man consider it, is not real but we will continue to use Time as a reference. Before the polar division there was only One Consciousness having no definition or dimension. Or how could one measure consciousness? After the polar division (some call "Fall from grace") there is seemingly something other than the One Consciousness. However there is still the One Consciousness appearing as fragmented or individual Consciousnesses set apart from the One. This expanded awareness assigned dimension to the Void. And it is this mental assignment of dimension that establishes the idea or belief of separation when in fact no separation could have occurred. These two states or tendencies are in fact One state tending to be two intermittently opposing conditions: to the center (to be individualized) and from the center (to be As One). These are not things or states but more as conditions or tendencies or desires - since there only is Consciousness at this point. There is the Creator Consciousness (Cause) and the Created Consciousness (Effect). The same applies to vibratory phenomena as in say a fundamental containing within itself all the notes or harmonics of its overtone series.

One Becoming (Appearing as) Two
"The expression of force in overcoming inertia, being resisted, results in the apparent division of the one force into two opposing forces.

These two forces are not different forces. They are but opposite expressions of the same force, for each one is part of a cycle and each one eventually becomes the other. (emphasis added)

These are the sex divisions known as male and female, which divides every expression of force into apparently unstable "pairs of opposites", which, when united, become one bi-sexual force. See dipole, Polar

These two opposing forces are the generative and degenerative forces of gravitation and radiation.

Degeneration is merely dissipation or expansion of accumulated energy into larger volume of lower pressure and potential. Then, if the law of equal and opposite action and reaction is true generation must be the accumulation of energy by contraction into smaller volume of higher pressure, greater density and higher melting point.

The attraction of graviation is the cause of solar generation as the repulsion of radiation is the cause of solar degeneration." Russell, The Cyclic Theory as The Cause of Solar Regeneration

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