2.17 - Limits and Limitations

The idea of limits (dimensions) was born from or with this polar split mind or dual reflected consciousness. With the idea of limits comes the idea of Space or a "place" where limits can exist. Any Space must be defined thereby setting more limits. This definition must of necessity have dimension. There is still nothing in Space but there is dimension or orientation of direction. There is a sense of direction in and out. Two dimensions, directions or poles are established. This process is not linear in that things didn't happen sequentially. If there is established an in and out from a point there must be concurrently all three directions as shown below because an in and out motion is in all directions at once. Russell taught Space is orthogonal; i.e., having three directions or vectors, each being polar or dual, and idealized as a omnipresent multi-dimensional cubic matrix.

Triple Dual Vectors 1 of 2

Triple Dual Vectors 2 of 2

Figure 2.10 - Triple Dual Vectors. In Rotary Motion.

Dialogue on Awakening
"There is only one thing to remember and that is you are already awake .. you simply refuse to believe it. And it is in this refusal that you remain in the domain of limitations." [[Dialogue on Awakening], 4th edition page 37

"All experiences of limitation ultimately bring to your attention, through experience, their lack of value. And once you give up placing value on any type of limitation, you will have a clearer recognition of who you truly are." [Dialogue on Awakening, 4th edition page 198]

"You may change their measure, and your limitations, by changing the intensity of your desire..." [Russell, Home Study Course]

"In Him there are no limitations. One only limits self by doubt or fear." [Cayce 2574-1]

"One only limits self by doubt or fear." Cayce (2574-1)

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