14.28 - Thirds as Polar and Depolar Parameters

"The vitalization of the disks for the polar and depolar field is established on the ratio of thirds, sixths, and ninths; the ninths being the circuit occupied by the polar field, must represent, in the scale of vitalized focalized intensity, 100 in my system: sixths in the depolar field, or 66 2/3; and in the neutral field, or thirds, 33 1/3. The triplets must represent one true chord of equation. The sympathetic transmitter transfers any degree of intensity desired from zero up to disintegration; all the transfers being made above the line of the first inaudible, as associated with my resonating system of transfer. On the sixths and ninths, in the progressive triple subdivision of the elements of water, the nearest sympathetic approach is made to the high luminous, which is the main sympathetic link to the earth's polar negative envelope, and the one whereby coordination is effected for commercial work. In short, this progressive condition establishes the necessary association between celestial radiation and terrestrial Outreach, in regard to controlling the polar negative attractive force in mechanics; whether for aerial navigation or for terrestrial commercial work, in all its multiplied forms." Keely, Operation of the Vibratory Circuit

Figure 14.08 - Force Contracts to Center - Energy Radiates from Center.
Figure 14.08 - Force Contracts to Center - Energy Radiates from Center.
The red and blue lines are each composed of three currents or flows in discrete ratios of thirds.

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