Not real but appearing to be real (belief) as opposed to actuality which is what actually is (Truth). See Illusion

Illusion labeled and accepted as Reality

Figure 10.02 - Illusion labeled and accepted as Reality. Actuality (Truth) may be (and usually is) altogether different than the Perception.

T-12.I.1. You have been told not to make error real, and the way to do this is very simple. 2 If you want to believe in error, you would have to make it real because it is not true. 3 But truth is real in its own right, and to believe in truth you do not have to do anything. 4 Understand that you do not respond to anything directly, but to your interpretation of it. 5 Your interpretation thus becomes the justification for the response. 6 That is why analyzing the motives of others is hazardous to you. 7 If you decide that someone is really trying to attack you or desert you or enslave you, you will respond as if he had actually done so, having made his error real to you. 8 To interpret error is to give it power, and having done this you will overlook truth." [A Course in Miracles]

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Figure 10.02 - Illusion labeled and accepted as Reality
10.02 - Reality vs Actuality

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