"Keely very properly terms his methods as "radiophonic vibratory positions with microphonic adjustments." [Snell Manuscript]

"He (Keely) says "After vain attempts to come more closely to what I term a 'radiophonic vibratory position with microscopic adjustments' I have only been able to reach a few true and standard positions which I can satisfactorily analyze. There is one principle underlying all and this principle is the key." [Snell Manuscript]

"All operations of nature have for their sensitizing centers of introductory action, triple vacuum evolutions. These evolutions are centered in atomic triple revolutions, highly radiophonic in their character and thoroughly independent of all outside forces in their spheres of action. No conceivable power, however great, can break up their independent centers. These triple centers are the foundation of the universe, and mathematically considered, the respective and relative motion of these atomic triplets, gravitating to and revolving around each other, is about one and one-third of their circumference." [Snell Manuscript]

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