Two-ness, polar, sex, bi, di
Syntropy / Entropy
Father / Mother

"The Keely Motor secret teaches that the various phenomena of the human constitution cannot be properly comprehended and explained without observing the distinction between the physical and material and the moral and spiritual nature of man. It demonstrates incontrovertibly the separate existence and independent activity of the soul of man, and that the spirit governs the body instead of being governed by the body." [CJBM in Keely and His Discoveries, 1893]

"But this duality would seem to alternate; what is victor today is the vanquished tomorrow; what guides us today becomes secondary and subordinate tomorrow. And everything is equally mechanical, equally independent of will, and leads equally to no aim of any kind. The understanding of duality in oneself begins with the realization of mechanicalness and the realization of the difference between what is mechanical and what is conscious. This understanding must be preceded by the destruction of the self-deceit in which a man lives who considers even his most mechanical actions to be volitional and conscious and himself to be single and whole." [George Gurdjieff]

Dualism - "The system which admits two ultimate realities. Dualism, in the widest sense, breaks up the universe into two entirely distinct substances - the material world and an immaterial God, who is represented to be its creator, sustainer and ruler." [Ernst Haeckel; The Riddle of the Universe - at the Close of the Nineteenth Century; Watts & Co., London, 1906]

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