Equals 4++ on Russell's Scale of Locked Potentials or point of maximum polarization, resistance, contraction, density and motion-in-opposition. The point where syntropic compression forces transform into entropic dispersion energies. [See Atomic Suicide, page 164]

Also referred to as "amplitude", "amplitude collision", thought wave amplitude and "antagonism".

North point of convergence of a wave. Center of a power centered cube. Neutral Center.

Figure 12.01 - 4++ Power Centered Scale

Figure 12.01 - Russell's 4++ Power Centered Scale

God creates three pairs of disunited male and female bodies upon His extending octave wave shaft - and then a united fourth pair at His thought wave amplitude. This united, balanced pair is an incandescent sphere. At that point in the wave, and that only, the disunited father and mother unite as ONE at its white center. One of its hemispheres, however, is still the red light of the father (syntropy) and the other one is the blue light of the mother (entropy); for each is still extended from its centering Oneness." Atomic Suicide?, page 111-114 [see prime neutral center, underline added]

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