invisible bridge between heaven and earth

God's End of the Cosmic Bridge

The eight corner projectors of the Universal radar broadcasting stations.

God's end of the cosmic
Bridge where motion begins
Its projection into space
To simulate mind-idea.

Matter begins by division of stillness in the inert gases and its projection by two-way motion into pairs of octave wave tones, which we call elements. The principle of projection is the same that man uses in projecting the concept of his idea into the moving form of the idea. It is the dual radar principle of Nature. Reduced to its ultimate simplicity, Nature is a series of echoes.

"Chapter XI will more fully describe the inert gases as bridges between man and God." [Atomic Suicide, page 163]

"We must become more familiar with the office, purpose and construction of the inert gases in order to have a more definite knowledge as to our own immortal identity in that omnipresent heaven. To acquire that knowledge and comprehension the very first step toward it is full comprehension of the invisible bridge between heaven and earth, and the visible entrances and exits to it through the nine inert gases. Full comprehension of the interrelation of figures 6 and 7 is a necessary prerequisite to comprehension of further stages of God's ways and processes in this respect. Next in import is to become thoroughly familiar with the nine stringed instrument upon which the symphony of Creation is perpetually being played. Fig. 5 has been prepared for just that purpose. At the beginning and end of each string is an inert gas." [Atomic Suicide, page 236]

"If you have followed these steps with even partial understanding you will comprehend the description we have given you of the bridge between man and God which the inert gases provide, and the further description we will now add to it." [Atomic Suicide, page 241]

"In Fig. 62 you see God's end of the bridge between the Creator and His Creation." [Atomic Suicide, page 259]

The Eight Corner Receivers of Thought

The eight radar corner receivers of thought
messages projected from inert gas|inert gases)).

Man's end of the
Cosmic Bridge where
Motion reaches maximum.

The cube projector, shown in Fig. 62, is repeated in the cube receiver, shown herein. Motion which has been divided into pairs and thrown out into space by the projector, is multiplied in the vortices of the receiver, which corresponds to the corner reflectors of radar. Forms and sounds which are born in space are thus echoed back into space.

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"Fifthly, I have come expressly to help science bridge the gulf between UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and the appearance of electrical particles. Without this bridge between the Unseen Spiritual Dimension and the Seen world of 'matter', science will remain rooted in old ideas and concepts instead of moving forward into new realms of spiritual/scientific research for the betterment of mankind." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5]

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