16.08 - Polar Link in Thirds

"So far as can be ascertained from his writings, Keely never produced the electric flow by his vibrations. However, he has the following to say regarding its possibility, reasoning from the laws that had already been revealed to him. See Keely - Electricity from Space

"When electrical experts can construct a mechanical device whereby the low frequencies of the enharmonic can be assimilated to the harmonic undulatory by thirds, their dynamos will run without extraneous power. A concordant introductory impulse to the enharmonic (giving it the relation of true thirds to the dominant) would more effectually operate the dynamo than any number of steam engines, allowing the harmonic stream to be the governor. This concordance with the dominant would alter the ruling conditions of the harmonic and enharmonic by only exciting the sympathetic action of the dominant without arousing its destructive effects. Many lives will probably be lost before this mechanical adjustment is obtained. Nikola Tesla has left all electrical explorers far behind and has reached ALMOST to the crest of the harmonic wave. However, I do not believe the present methods of handling electricity will not be changed for hundreds of years. My failures of the past decade will be redeemed by one position, that is, my control of the polar forces through the polar sympathetic harness I have invented." The Snell Manuscript

“The Ancients " taught that these forces which we call electricity and magnetism are one and the same, and that between them is "a neutral force." When a force becomes neutral it is inactive, and is no longer a force; consequently the name given is misleading, Keely calls this third element “the latent neutral," which is a better name for it. Dr. Seth Pancoast, in his book on the Kabbala, gives the Kabbalistic teachings in his own words, regarding nature's most powerful agent, the triune polar flow. He writes: “Electricity is a peripheral, polar force moving out of equilibrium, i. e., independently. Magnetism is a polar force moving in equilibrium. They are one and the same in essence and power; and their source is light:" the light from the great central sun of the universe, around which all solar systems revolve." Bloomfield-Moore, What Electricity Is - Bloomfield Moore

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