"As long as man continues to think of his body as being his individuality he will think individually, rather than universally. When he, at long last, discovers his eternal Self to be the projector of his own body, and is making himself in his own image, he will then know his universality, his Oneness with all Creation. He can never thereafter think of himself as an individual and will so act in all of his transactions in relation to his Oneness with all other men." [Atomic Suicide, page 265-266]

"The eight radar corner receivers of thought
messages projected from inert gases.

Man's end of the
Cosmic Bridge where
Motion reaches maximum.

The cube projector, shown in Fig. 62, is repeated in the cube receiver, shown herein. Motion which has been divided into pairs and thrown out into space by the projector, is multiplied in the vortices of the receiver, which corresponds to the corner reflectors of radar. Forms and sounds which are born in space are thus echoed back into space." [Atomic Suicide - Fig 63]

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