"Hence we find, as the churches are named (in Revelation), they are as the forces that are known as the senses, that must be spiritualized by the will of the individual made one in the very activities in a material world." [Cayce (281-16)]

(Q) Are we correct in interpreting the seven churches as symbols of seven spiritual centers in the physical body?
(A) Correct.
(Q) Do we have these correctly placed? As each is called, comment on each in relation to an individual's development and experiences in connection with these centers. Gonads - Ephesus; Lyden - Smyrna; Solar Plexus - Pergamos; Thymus - Thyatira; Thyroid - Sardis; Pineal - Philadelphia; Pituitary - Laodicea. [see Table of Glands and Correspondences corresponding churches to endocrine system]
(A) Rather than the commenting, it is well that these are correctly placed, but each individual's EXPERIENCE in the application of that gained by each in his or her experience will be different. To give an interpretation that the opening or activity through a certain center raises or means or applies this or that, then would become rote. But know the way, then each may apply same as his or her environment, ability, experience, gives the opportunity. For know, in all and through all, the activity of self is only as a channel - and God giveth the understanding, the increase, to such; and in the manner as is best fitted for the individual. It is not then as a formula, that there are to be certain activities and certain results. These are true in the sense that they each represent or present the opportunity for the opening to the understanding of the individual. For, as has been given, man is free-willed. And only when this is entirely given, and actively given to the will of the Father may it be even as the life of the Christ." Cayce 281-29

". . the church is within yourself and not in any pope nor preacher, nor in any building but in self! For thy body is indeed the temple of the living God, and the Christ becomes a personal companion in mind and in body; dependent upon the personality and individuality of the entity as it makes practical application of the tenets and truths that are expressed." Cayce (5125-1)

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