Infinite Number of Atomoles or Alphanons

Figure 3.00 - Infinite Number of Atomoles / Alphanon filling all Space click to enlarge

"Atomoles are elementary units of matter uniform in size and weight, and exist in solid, liquid, gaseous, and isolated forms." [Keely, plural atomolini; see 3.01 - Law of Matter and Force]

"The atomoles are made up of atomolini (singular atomolinus); the subdivision of matter from this point is beyond man's power, as at this point it escapes all control of apparatus, passing through glass and hardened steel as a luminous flame without heat, which is hardly seen before it vanishes, - a perpetual flame coldly luminous." [Keely, 1893]

"The atomolic substance is what is termed the ether which fills all space and is the transmitting medium for all celestial and terrestrial forces. This is the liquid ether of occult science." [Keely, 1893]

"Every point in the universe is a gravitative center of a constantly changing potential." [Walter Russell]

"All of the energy of all Creation is in the omnipresent vacuum of the zero universe. The error of man's observation of this universal FACT lies in his beliefs that energy moves. The omnipresent vacuum never moves. It is the fulcrum from which motion draws its energy to move, but the fulcrum never moves. Every ultra-microscopic point in this Cosmic vacuum tube, which the universe is, is a fulcrum from which Mind-desire is extended to express the Idea of Mind. Mind-desire is the sole energy of the universe. Motion is but the lever which expresses the energy extended to it from the fulcrum." [Walter Russell]

"Each inert gas is constructed by four rings in one plane, centered by a hole which is the invisible Mind-Source of those four rings. At the very center of that hole is a point of stillness, within which is lodged all of the life, energy, knowledge, idea, and the other qualities which are a part of the God-Nature in non-dimensional qualities. Every point in all the universe is like that point, but we are concerned with but one of them now, for that is the point where the oak tree draws its power to express the oak tree idea in form - or which any other unit of Creation has chosen to draw its identity and power." [Atomic Suicide, page 236]

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