Illusion labeled and accepted as Reality
Figure 10.02 - Illusion labeled and accepted as Reality. Actuality (Truth) may be (and usually is) altogether different than the Perception.

"Misperception occurs when you do not see through the eyes of God; when you see anything less than the perfection of His Creation.

"As you allow your perception to more closely parallel that of truth, you will more clearly see the truth of your brothers. You will not look at them through the eyes of limitation; you will look at them through the eyes of wholeness. You will see their wholeness, and you will recognize that the Mind of the Christ is always in a state of perfect functioning and perfect awareness. Because you see yourself as being in a limited state of awareness you are presuming that is how everyone around you also sees themselves. And while this is a concept that will be difficult for your intellect to grapple with, I will tell you that it is only through your eyes, and the clarity that you allow yourself see through those eyes, that you will see the reality of the Christ in its wholeness, in its completeness, in its state of being absolutely Awake. And you will recognize many familiar faces. There will be no sense of loneliness.

"You see those around you only through the lens of your own awareness. You perceive that this is how they are. It you were always to believe this, then you must always believe that most of the Mind of Christ is asleep and therefore not functioning, not expressing the Love of God, the Reality of Creation. This is not true.

"I would suggest to you that you just concern yourself with your own Awakening. Have the realization, the joyful anticipation, of what awaits you as you finally open your eyes and see. It will not be a vacant playground." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 40-41]

Is it only by my coming into my Awakening that Heaven will come to earth? How is that going to express itself out to the rest of those 6 billion people?

"Let me say that what you are attempting to do is to give your ego-limited mind an endless number of possibilities to dissect and analyze. There is but one answer to the question that you are asking, and you will not find it by asking a thousand other peripheral questions.

"You do not see yourself as being a direct expression of God, and in this lack of sight you will not see anything else around you in any way that reflects that which is God. As you take each of these circumstances and situations and attempt to analyze them to perfection, wonder how you can bring them to perfection, you are attempting to rearrange your misperception. That will have no effect on the fact that the origin of your misperception is firmly rooted in who you think you are as opposed to who you really Are. You continue to deal with the effects and avoid approaching the cause.

"The cause of every misperception that you have is based upon your lack of knowledge of who you are. Until that misperception has been corrected, every misperception that flows from that central point will be equally incorrect. You must see through the eyes of truth to see truth. You may not look through the eyes of misperception and see truth. Your only choice, in the final analysis, is to decide whether or not you want to give up misperception." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 40]

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