Love of God

"You see those around you only through the lens of your own awareness. You perceive that this is how they are. It you were always to believe this, then you must always believe that most of the Mind of Christ is asleep and therefore not functioning, not expressing the Love of God, the Reality of Creation. This is not true." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 40]

"The Love that is present within you is a wondrous thing to share. It is your sharing of this Love that is the most significant thing you do. Again, it becomes a matter of allowing the feeling to become the focus. Words can be perceived and misperceived, but they are at all times within the realm of perception. It is when you allow yourself to become fully immersed in the feeling of your Being, in the feeling of Love, that you will communicate to others who God Is. When you try to rationally explain what it is you feel a need to do, it is precisely this: to communicate the Love of God. This will not happen with words." [Dialogue on Awakening, third edition page 141]

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