All that we know of energy is the different forms of its incorporation in matter and the phenomena of the interchangeability of energy in substance. Heat, light, magnetism, electricity, rotation, motion, gravity, etc. are all but forms of energy. Concerning energy itself we have no knowledge. Modern physics says there is no such thing as abstract energy, or energy independent of matter. As is quite usual, however, modern physics is wrong.

The ether is the Universal Agent of energy, and only through it are motion, rotation and attendant phenomena produced. The ether may very properly be called the "Soul of Things."

Granting that Will can exert force or perform work as in muscular motion how is this done? Between the conscious thought of motion and the muscular liberation of energy there is a gap in our knowledge. How therefore can we know or prove that a body CANNOT be moved without an act of Will through material contact? Keely states that all metallic masses when subjected to certain vibrations can be so moved.

Energy is a sympathetic condition inherent in all forms of aggregated matter visible and invisible, ever present in its latent condition. The entire physical Universe is simple energy manifesting itself rhythmically in its latent state in matter, and everywhere, at all times and under all conditions, is exactly the same. This rhythm Keely claimed exists in the mathematical relations of thirds. Since, therefore, every mass consists of vibrations in thirds, balanced in harmonic equilibrium, it stands in harmonic relation to every other mass, terrestrial or planetary. Thus all forms of matter, even as are all forms of energy, become of their very nature interrelated and mutually convertible, one into the other.

Energy is aroused by sympathetic disturbance of equilibrium and by this conservation becomes transferable. It is an infinite latent force. If it did not exist latent it could not be generated and there would be no energy to lose or conserve. The volume of latent energy in the Universe never increases and never grows less. It will remain tomorrow and forever same as yesterday and today.

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