"My researches indicate electricity but a condensed form of atomic vibration having only the introductory features preceding the phenomena of the vibratory ether. In its mild currents, it is beneficial to life, but in its "explosive positions" is highly destructive. Electricity transfuses certain forms of inert matter with life giving principles in its permeation of organic Nature. Its phenomena are not comparable to those of the ether, which lies far beyond. The Vibratory Etheric Tree has many branches and electricity is only one of them. It is vital force but I cannot consider it as the Soul of Matter.

"The principle of electricity is as material as water. It is not simply a form of energy but MATTER. What we call electricity is but one of the triune currents, harmonic, enharmonic, dominant, which are all united in pure electricity, which has never been seen or handled, and the enharmonic current is sympathetically and mysteriously associated with the dominant. This dominant can no more be brought under control than we can harness the lightning itself. Should any operator succeed in diverting the dominant stream it would utterly destroy both him and any mechanical medium he might use for that purpose.

"The intense heat evolved by the electric stream is caused by the velocity of its three components as each seeks its "medium of affinity" at the point of dispersion. Electricity is remarkably free from percussion for the three currents flow together as one stream in the mildest way. The enharmonic portion carries the power of propulsion that induces disturbance of negative equilibrium. This disturbance is essential to the coordination of its flow, in completing the triune electrical stream. When the electric fluid is discharged from the clouds each triplet seeks its terrestrial concordant."

"Electricity is but the result of three differentiated sympathetic flows, created by combining the celestial flow through a certain degree of negative attractive assimilation with the terrestrial flow. Electricity is one of Nature's efforts to restore "attractive differentiation" and is flow represents the highest degree of assimilative action or affinity.

"The state or condition of electricity is wholly atomic and merely displays the introductory order of affinity for terrestrial centers. Because of this affinity it unites with the magnetic element in the polar stream by means of neutral affinity. This neutral affinity keeps the magnetic and electric forces of the earth in stable equilibrium.

He considered the electric current to be the "first and second order" of atomic vibration, a dual force the flow of which is too tenuous to displace molecules. It is as impossible to displace molecules by the flow of electricity as to displace the molecules in a glass plate by a magnet. Electricity and magnetism permeate the molecules as air permeates the meshes of a coarse sieve.

"This triune force or pure electricity is expressed by chords of the dominant, the harmonic and enharmonic. Each is to the others mathematically a true third in its relative frequency ratio E flat, the transmissive chord or dominant, A flat, the harmonic and A double flat the enharmonic. When the negative and positive conditions reach a certain range of vibration the union of the two "prime thirds" is so rapid as to be explosive. During this action the positive electric stream is liberated and instantly seeks the highly attractive neutral terrestrial center.

"Through the DOMINANT flow, the sympathetic association and activity of the "first triple" form of electricity, with the coordinating harmonic and enharmonic, is evolved ENERGY. The dominant mode of vibration is luminous positive electricity, the "propulsive positive" or "radiant celestial" when in the sympathetic streams, and electricity called the positive or + form of electricity.

"The HARMONIC is attractive electricity, with a wonderful sympathetic outreach and constitutes the so called or "negative electricity".

"The ENHARMONIC or "high neutral" acts as the neutral center as the assimilative or individualizing attractive element to effect readjustment of sympathetic disturbance.

"Our dynamos accumulate only the harmonic current, obtaining thereby about 1/200,000 part or .000005 of the light (and heat?) that the same quantity of the dominant or "positive electricity" would give. But this supreme portion, vibrating with the frequency of the "Universal Energy" can never be concentrated, dispersed or handled by any mechanical device, for to do so would mean destruction to the machine and the operator.

"Each of these currents has its "triple flow" in which they are all present in the relation of true thirds and these currents are truly similar to those constantly assimilating with the "polar terrestrial envelope".

"Electrical flows or currents are governed by three conditions, all in ONE FLOW:

1. The Dominant or high vibratory.
2. The Enharmonic or low vibratory.
3. The Harmonic or undulatory.

"Each evaporated water molecule contributes its quota to the atmospheric charge of electricity in the storm clouds, which demonstrates its existence by explosive liberation and then returns to the molecular embrace. This return may be called absorption, but it gets there first through "corpuscular aggregation" and from "corpuscular aggregation" manifests and distributes itself through "sympathetic vibrational disturbance of equilibrium".

"The highest conditions associated with electricity come under the fourth descending order of sympathetic condensation (atomic subdivision) altogether too remote to take any part in etheric disturbance.

"When electrical experts can construct a mechanical device whereby the low vibrations of the enharmonic can be assimilated (attracted) to the harmonic undulatory by thirds, their dynamos will run without extraneous applied power. A concordant introductory impulse to the enharmonic (giving it a relation by thirds to the dominant) would more effectually operate the dynamo than any number of steam engines, allowing the harmonic stream to be the governor. This concordance with the dominant would alter the ruling conditions of the harmonic and enharmonic by only exciting the sympathetic action of the dominant without arousing its destructive power. Many lives will probably be lost before this mechanical adjustment is obtained. Tesla has left all electrical explorers far behind and has reached ALMOST to the crest of the harmonic wave. However, I do not believe that the methods now in use for handling electricity will be changed for hundreds of years."

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