11.03 - Development of the Scale of Infinite Ninths

Sometime in the summer of 2002[2] a method was developed to calculate intervals as though they themselves were discrete and equal quantities. From this it was seen that two Seconds should and ought to always equal a Third and two Thirds equal a Fifth and two Fifths equal a Ninth. From that humble beginning an entirely new scale was developed, piece by elegant piece, until it was not only clearly harmonic but also perfectly encompassed Walter Russell’s Scale of Locked Potentials. As his scale is a reflection or recording of natural phenomena this new scale also reflects or records natural phenomena - the naturally occuring overtone series as found in many (but not all) vibrating bodies. This scale is then a natural music scale developed from naturally occuring phenomena instead of the hodge-podge patchwork of classic scales developed from the intellect for the ego, body, religious and political agenda and pocket book.

The classic scale reflects destruction, discord, inharmonicity, chaos and dissipation of energy (entropy).

This new scale reflects creation, concord, harmonicity, order and accumulation of force (syntropy).[1]

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