11.02 - Attributes of the Scale of Infinite Ninths

The writer, not finding any scale adequate in terms of harmony and versitility, created his own scale which would address certain natural parameters. This scale was given the name Scale of Infinite Ninths which term is a reference to Keely's use of "ninths" as an aspect of neutrality and hence infinity and Russell's 0 neutral of Infinite Potential within his Scale of Locked Potentials. In this scale there are nine whole steps forming its octave all of which sync and find resolution in upper and lower octaves making its series auto-creation infinite in extent and ability. It is believed the Scale of Infinite Ninths, subject of this writing, is a moral, personal, social and power enhancing development. It is further postulated this Scale of Infinite Ninths is:

  1. a pattern of the other Syntropic half of Nature wholly ignored by conventional science and music which focuses exclusively on the Entropic half.[1]
  2. accurately and fully maps to Walter Russell’s Scale of Locked Potentials.
  3. harmonic in many meanings of the term.
  4. accurate arithmetically.
  5. clear of myriads of confusing intervals, ratios and note nomenclatures.
  6. so elegantly simple that anyone can understand and use it.
  7. clear of historical and political patches, fixes and manipulations.
  8. not melodic.

The development of this scale first came to mind after years of fruitlessly trying to understand and work with standard music scale methods. They were found to be confusing, disorderly, chaotic, contradictory, complicated and near meaningless when arithmetic was applied to the many views of what an interval is and why.

There had to be a better way....

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