three phases of action

"As is well known, in matter we have three distinct classes of eddies of force, which seem to be a perfect counterpart of a solar system. We have, namely, the molecule, made up of atoms traveling around in definite orbits; we have the atom, made up of electrons, also traveling in orbits; and the electron has been found to be made up of still smaller particles, also traveling in circular progression. Thus we have three distinct phases of force in matter. We also have three distinct phases of action in the body or amperage of electricity. The world is more or less familiar with the positive and negative sides or phases of electricity, but I have proved by experimentation that there is a dominant or third phase in all forces. That is, there is a positive, a negative, and a dominant or solar manifestation, and these three phases of force are at definite distances apart in the point of speed, and their relationship is like three, six and nine on a rule." [The Odic Ray - Its Origin and Nature]

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