noun: a state of eternal existence believed in some religions to characterize the afterlife
noun: time without end
noun: a seemingly endless time interval (waiting) OneLook Dictionary

"Eternity is all time wound up in one; it is an abiding simultaneousness, and its first finite manifestation is a maximum velocity. And thus instead of the existing physical explanations, all of which have hitherto been complete failures, we obtain at least a metaphysical explanation, of the simultaneousness of universal attraction and the extreme velocity of light &c." [MacVicar, Sketch of a Philosophy]

"For without passing through each and every stage of development, there is not the correct vibration to become one with the Father ... Then in the many stages of development throughout the Universe or in the great system of the Universal Forces, each stage of development is made manifest through flesh - which is the testing portion of the Universal Vibration. In this manner, then, and for this reason, all are made manifest in flesh and there is the development through aeons of time and space, called Eternity." [Cayce (3744)]

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