"The moment the collision takes place and the two poles become one in a spherical body, that moment there is a reversal of the entire pressure principle. The acquirement of polar unity in one gravity center touches off a reversal lever in Nature. The Cosmic clock spring has been fully wound. Now it must unwind. Instead of the collision of two approaching poles the united one divides into two, which continue right through to their opposite cathodes. It is as though two apices of cones meet to create one center of gravity, then push on through each other until they bore a hole right through the compressed sun or other body. See Fig. 30. In so doing a body which has been compressed by increasingly fast centripetal motion is expanded by increasingly fast centrifugal motion. As potential increases by fast revolution

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around two approaching poles it, likewise, decreases by fast motion around the hole being made by receding poles. The following is a heretofore unknown basic principle of motion." [Atomic Suicide, page 135-138]

"Electricity is motion - any kind, or stage of motion. There cannot be two kinds of electricity. There is but one kind of electricity but that one kind multiplies its power to compress in the first half of its cycle and divides that power in the second half. Much confusion is caused by mistaking speed for high potential, and vise versa. For this reason it is well to exemplify our meaning by the following example: To create matter by the compression of four pairs of rings, projected from cathodes, the speed of the current around its shaft of gravity multiplies constantly and volume decreases as speed increases, until the collision takes place. Simultaneously the speed of rotation of units in the current slows down until the completed mass, after the collision, is its minimum. From that point on every effect is in reverse. Revolution around the shaft of gravity of each separate unit of the mass, including projections from it like planets and satellites, become increasingly slower while rotation of each mass upon its own shaft is increasingly faster. In this case speed results in a lowering of potential and a vast increase in volume." [Atomic Suicide, page 148]

"It is so low that its vibrations have no resonance in them, but they are detectable. Now add one or two much longer and thicker strings below this lowest one and they would be silent, for it would be impossible for them to create one common wave-crest amplitude where a collision could occur." [Atomic Suicide, page 263-264]

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