Water Vortex

which in turn the allotropic[1] primary materials for growth and development also reside. Reacting to bio-centrifugence, these basic substances are liberated through the cycloid-space-curve-motion of the Earth and under the influence of reactive cooling substances, consume (bind) the counter-weighing oxygen. Reactive differences in potential are created in this way which express themselves as reactive differences in temperature, which on their part, as all-penetrating inner outward<->inward, upward<->downward dynamic influences, intensify the physical (external) form of movement. This leads to a renewed intensification of the inner dynamic processes, which once again act to stimulate additional motion. Thus it is absolutely no wonder that the good old Earth eternally rotates about her peculiarly unique axis, because in this special axis (viz. the shimmering shaft in a water vortex) that something ascends, which enables stationary trout to stand motionless amidst torrential flows and to flee upstream like lightning. A phenomenon inexplicable in terms of mechanics, because the trout must not only overcome its own weight, but also that of the counter-flowing dense and heavy spring water. Indeed it can escape upstream all the more rapidly, the faster the cold specifically heavier water-masses, which whirl about their own axes in exactly the same way that the Earth rotates about hers, enter its jaws and flow out of its gills through a system of cycloid-space-curves. In this way the particular axis is formed in which that something returns to its ur-source, which becomes free through this special rotating motion and the frictional motion produced by it. In becoming free in this way, it then draws the motion-generating form - in this case the trout - in its wake, because this counter-flowing energy-form is the force that enables everything that crawls and flies on this manure-heap Earth to overcome its own weight. In other words, it is the 'levitational force', without which there would be no life, no movement, no growth and naturally no gravitation either. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, New Forms of Motion and Energy]

Water in a whirl

Electric fields have been used to produce vortex rings in pure water in an experiment in Sweden. The electric field breaks up the water molecules and the protons released in this process cause the rings to form. The techniques developed in the experiment could be used to mimic the conditions under which chemical processes occur in living cells (Appl. Phys. Lett. 87 153109).

Zackary Chiragwandi and colleagues at Gauteburg University and Chalmers University applied an electric field between two gold electrodes covered with pure water and found that the water molecules break up at 3.2 volts. This reaction takes place at both the anode and cathode at the same time. At the anode, the water molecules break up into negative hydroxide (OH-) ions and protons. These protons are released into the bulk of the water, where they create the vortex rings. Meanwhile, the hydroxide ions decompose to form oxygen.

Using an optical microscope, the Swedish team observed that the vortex rings consist of water swirling around in very fine circles with diameters ranging from 10 to 50 microns (figure 1). Moreover, more than one vortex can form at higher voltages. The scientists say that the protons move along a spiral path in solution, which corresponds to the hydrogen-bonding network between water molecules, and that this leads the formation of the vortices (figure 2).

Chiragwandi and co-workers believe that the physics behind the phenomenon is analogous to the transport of electrons in hole-doped semiconductors. The fact that the vortices extend quite deeply into the bulk of the water suggests that they are formed because of a defect at the surface of the anode. The Swedish team has seen such a defect with an electron microscope and also in simulations.

The work could also help improve our understanding of the chemical processes that occur inside living cells and the vortices themselves could be used as a non-invasive way to "stir" aqueous solutions. (http://physicsweb.org/articles/news/9/10/7/1)

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