Thought Machine

Cheiro and Thought Machine

Cheiro and E. Savary d'Odiardi's Thought Machine (click to enlarge)

Cheiro and Thought Machine

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While browsing for the Keely Wheel Motor and Accumulator I noticed on the background of the photo of the machine an unknown device. (See above).

I wondered what kind of device that was and while not even looking for it, I encountered the device per accident as an image in my search window in Google. (Also in that picture on the right).

It appearts to be the "Thought Machine" invented by E. Savary d'Odiardi who lived at the same time as Keely I guess. The device was meant to prove that from the mind a kind of magnetic flow runs that can affect a magnetic needle.

Funny thing is that at the end of Keely's life, he also was investigating the cerebral flow in the view of sympathetic vibration. There is even a chart made for it by him.

The picture from Keely proves that he was experimenting with that. The link below is from a book written by Cheiro adressing this machine. (He is also in the picture next to the device.) It is written in 1897 which was when Keely was at his height concerning his research I guess. Probably the photo of the Wheel Motor and Accumulator is made around the same time as well.

It happens to be that last week I was also reading on the same subject regarding influencing a pivoted aluminium 'needle' by sheer mind force somewhere on the Borderland Sciences website:


Still have to connect everything together now but I thought you would be interested to know :-)

Book of Cheiro:

Cheiro's Language of the Hand

Evert Huisman

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