Supplementary Remarks and Diagrams

Supplementary Remarks and Diagrams on the Errors in the Minor Scales as developed by Evolution in "Tones and Colours."


"The Lord is righteous in all His ways, and holy in all His works."—PSA. cxlv. 17. (PSA. xix. I-4.)

IN preparing for a Supplement to "Tones and Colours," several musicians have carefully investigated the work. I transcribe a copy of Dr. Chalmers Masters' opinion, as he had previously studied colours:—

"I esteem myself fortunate in being introduced to you, and becoming acquainted with your beautiful work on 'Tones and Colours.' I have, to the best of my ability, worked out your idea, by writing down in music the various discords in use amongst musicians, and resolving them according to the laws of Harmony, and I find in all cases the perfect triad agrees with what you term the trinities in colours. The way in which you find the whole circle of Major and Minor keys by pairs in colours is deeply interesting, and must be true. The only point of divergence between your system and that recognised by all musicians is the ascending Minor Scale. No musically trained ear can tolerate the seventh note being a whole tone from the eighth. The Minor second in the lower octave descending is very beautiful, and it is strange how all composers feel a desire to use it. To mention one case out of hundreds, I may cite Rossini's well-known air, 'La Danza.'
"Yours faithfully,

I was aware that my explanation of the Minor Scales was erroneous. I now see the beautiful Scriptural type which shows how they develope, rising or falling in perfect harmony. I hope to explain this clearly, and I think that any who have doubted my having gained these laws from the Scriptures will then see their mistake.

I had also hoped to write a very brief outline of a few of the innumerable Scriptural types which have guided me in the development of Tones and Colours; but my sight suddenly failed for reading and writing; and I only allude to the seven spirits of God (Rev. iii. I) as regards tones and colours, and to the twelve fruits of the Tree of Life (Rev. xxii. 2) as regards the twelve notes of keyed instruments.

The Minor Scales are the type of Creation developing, when no Sabbath (or Rest) was required; and we now see this re-echoed throughout the world around us, nothing resting on the Sabbath. A Minor Scale, therefore, cannot sound the

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