By the Rev. JOHN ANDREW, of Belfast.


WHEN the Almighty is taking men into His deeper confidence as to His Creation ways, and how His ways may be taken advantage of for man's service and benefit, the gifted one through whom such revealing is being made should not be hurried by the common of the world, but should be protected in the privacy where the Creator and he are closeted together in the giving and receiving which is thus transpiring.

Scientific patience is, in all such cases, imperative. When the gifted one is bustled by the world, as Mr. Keely has been, his inspiration is disturbed and his advance hindered. If the first inkling of some great revealing thus in progress should promise some mighty find for the material advantage of mankind, there is naturally a quickened desire to gain possession; but if in such an event impatience should impel the seer, ere his far-visioned sight has reached the end, deplorable delay may be the result.

This is the thing which has happened in the case which this little volume comes forth to relate and explain. It is not intended to unfold the systematic methods of the gifted genius concerning whom it speaks; that will come, in his own words, in due time. The aim of this volume is to show the course of events in relation to his researches; and to open the mystery of how it came about that he should have been so much misunderstood and hindered. It tells how he, in the dim dawn of initial inspiration, first glimpsed and touched THE POWER which is about to be given to the possession of mankind for the supply of wants, and the relief of toil. How he struggled and wrestled like the patriarch of old who said, "I will not let Thee go, except Thou bless me." How men of the world, seeing the struggle and estimating the power, said, "Make haste and harness this power to our machinery, and we shall pay you." How, is his need of means, he was tempted and fell; making an attempt to harness to machinery a power whose very form and kind he had not yet been given to discern. And then, when this too hasty attempt had failed, how the disappointed world laughed and mocked, and fumed, and called him an impostor.

This volume seeks to explain this KEELY MYSTERY; and to show that although a mistake was made, it was only a passing mistake. The mistake has been rectified; and the seer, now in possession of peace and privacy, has fully sighted the power, and is making progress in bringing it into subjugation.

He has been interviewed by competent men, men of enlarged scientific vision; and in the protection of their esteem, and by the liberal pecuniary aid of one who has made scientific interests object of sacred solicitude, Mr. Keely is likely to succeed in opening to the world another of the stores which the Almighty Creator and Preserver, ever provident of His children's needs, has prepared in reserve against the time of their necessity. We may theorize, but God alone knows the means by which the regeneration of mankind, and the establishment of the kingdom of righteousness and peace shall come about. The All-merciful has a purpose and plan of His own. The power which Mr. Keely is dealing with belongs to the ways and means of the evolution of civilization and material providence; and it will depend on how men make use of it how far it may clear or block the way of this planet's highest weal. The power, however, which Mr. Keely is dealing with lies so close to the spiritual realm of things, and brings us so near to the point at which the Almighty is in immediate touch of His Creation in His unceasing upholding of it, that all Christian men might be expected to take a deep interest in researches which promise so much. It may reasonably be hoped that this volume may promote this interest, and turn the attention to coming events which are casting more than shadows before. With this hope we commend it to the reading of the wise. Those who delight in yellow-covered literature may pass it by; it contains no plot for the excitement of such.

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