God is Light

God is Light

God is Light. God is Universal Mind. Mind is Light. Mind knows. [Russell, The Secret of Light]

There is but one thing in this universe - LIGHT - the still Light of all Knowing. The One Light which is God, God alone lives. [Russell, The Secret of Light]

With our present powers the darkness of ignorance is ever groping after the light of knowledge. If the field is so vast when we merely attempt to harmonise the laws which regulate the visible creation, it widens indefinitely when we attempt to harmonise, by the same laws, Creation with the Scriptures. "God is light," and with His Holy Spirit for our teacher, every line of His word instructs us; "like the ocean, the word remains essentially the same, while the light never plays upon its surface without deepening and varying its hues." [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Reflections on the Scheme1, page 43]

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