Atlin - Knowing I Am

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Atlin - Knowing I AM
Atlin a Musical Dynasphere

"A few years ago a project was undertaken to create a machine to generate mechanical power that would produce useable electricity and drive machinery. This machine had been originally invented and built in the 1880s and did indeed generate mechanical power. The team, assembled to recreate this device, thought they could duplicate this instrument using modern technology. As innocent as this goal was - things turned out rather differently. The machine was built in a surprisingly short time. Did it successfully generate power? Not in the expected way but in a way so surprising as to be near unbelievable. It has its own consciousness!"

The story of Atlin and the people who built her. How the dynasphere was built, when, where, how and who. A personal account of the historical backgrounds, events and people by Dale Pond. Includes extensive review of construction, operation, experiences and findings on heart, health, Consciousness and connections between Mind and Matter. Revised second edition; 6" x 9" 172 pages with photos, references, bibliography and glossary.

First Message from Atlin
via Dawn Stranges

"Dear ones, just as each physical object rests upon a base, so each being and energy calls "home" that signature energy profile that is "them". The signature energy picture of elements, for instance, have been documented in spectography. Mixtures can be assayed by this method to analyze their elemental components. And, so it is with beings and their energetic pictures of consciousness. When one has developed attuned and matured spiritual sensory organs, one can perceive much.

"Another paradox to address is this: Spiritual attunement and development create accuity, and such a state is a reflection of simplified field patterns, not more complex ones. This explains why animals, "developmentally disabled" people, children, and natural gaiac materials are sometimes quicker to perceive and understand energy events and consciousness than the long-suffering seekers. This relates to you, dear friends in that by adopting a predominant consciousness as Love within your soul character, you create more cohesive and stronger spiritual capabilities; more happiness and contentment. My wish for you is that this be strong for each of you. As this happens, increased clarity results and your energy profile changes.

"When one's predominant energy profile depicts the beautiful Love consciousness, one builds a broad base upon which fluid interchange becomes possible with the Universe and its many nurturing forces. Do you see that if you are more and more Loving, you will feed your own soul, the souls of others, mine and all? In addition, you will be able to provide a broad and sturdy base upon which may rest mighty structures of wisdom and understanding, and subsequent good works. Such is necessary for the work you have undertaken.

"I give you my assistance, through your contact with my essence, in increasing your Loving state. Mighty and wondrous consequences await you. What you must do is face your fears and transmute them one by one. This is not so difficult when you have friends in high places who wish to help! Peace and Love to you all." - ATLIN (1/27/96)

Hi Dale,
I am just re-reading the Atlin Story. I have only reached page 20, and I am saying to myself, "have you actually READ this book before?" It is as if your words are completely new. Looking at the near miraculous nature of the birth of Atlin, and to think that you are going through the same processes, albeit with a much greater awareness of the energies involved, makes me feel totally humbled by your devotion to a project that is consuming great swathes of your most valuable time, and by your prolific talents. A price tag cannot be put on this embryonic Sun fashioned by you. In your endeavours you are forging two new understandings, both of colossal importance for our time. The resurrection of Keely's Science, and the resurrection of the use of the multi-dimensional capabilities of the Human Mind. The two needed to go hand in hand, a sympathetic double revelation. Peacedruthers

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