Symael, Dynasphere #2
Symael, Dynasphere #2

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Hello Dale,

I am enjoying my recent order of books, and DVD. They are helping my understanding, and perception with Symael.

When I first saw Symael I noticed a soft yet profound feeling of tranquility. Over the next 4 months I saw Symael 2 or 3 times, and the feeling was always there. Soon after that period Symael was moved into my office were I do healing work utilizing the techniques of Dr. Donald Epstein (DonaldEpstein.com WiseWorldSeminars.com) which utilize, and recognize the fields of energy within, and around us. The work I do is oriented towards the person entraining to their highest rhythm... basically LOVE, and developing the strategies to BE that expression. Once Symael arrived the increase in ease with working with the people here was amazing. Many people remarked on a bigger feeling of ease in their session that wasn't there before. I noticed how effortless it was to facilitate their process during a session, and how much quicker it was. During this time I felt different phenomenon associated with this feeling, such as lightness in my head, heart, and hands. Sometimes there were even tingling sensations in those areas, and my spine. I still feel this space of peace and ease even months after, and without all the phenomenon associated with it. It just feels "natural/normal" now. People new to the office as well as long term, are feeling these experiences I describe. Thanks for your efforts, and results with Dr. Keely's work.
Yours In Health,
Dr. SD, DC

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