Alya, Dynasphere #5
Alya, Dynasphere #5

"I might as well give you a quick report about Alya.

Quietly and subtly, the whole house and its surroundings, including plants, trees, flowers, paintings on the walls, statues, all to some degree, emit some kind of energy. This energy is in fact the Ki, Qi, or Prana that many are experiencing on this planet. I noticed that you are touching this energy with both of your hands around Alya. What is happening is that I started to feel this Prana around all things now, organic or inorganic. Oil paitings yes. Photos of people, very little; monks, saints, especially Guan Yin, Buddhas, very strong and distinctive. Statues, most of them. Religious statues, very intense. Non-religious ones, almost nil. Along the trunks of trees, palm tree for example, very strong. Running water, feng shui fountains, quite a lot. The moon, too, tremendous power. It seems that Sympathetic Vibratory Sensation is at play here. Now I can actually "feel" and recognize the vibrations. I feel a lot stronger the artifacts that I have a deeply rooted belief in, for example, Guan Yin and Buddhas, etc... Pictures and drawings of Jesus or photos of actors who pose and dress up like Jesus, very little registration. Actual photographs of Sainte Theresa of Lisieux, yes, definitely strong."
TP, 11/25/08

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