19.05.12 - From The Snell Manuscript

"In November 1884, Keely performed the following experiment, constructed from theory, which he had attempted several times and at last succeeded in carrying to a successful conclusion.

"A small globe (composition not given) centered axially on an iron rod (relative position of axis not given) was insulated by two plates of glass which were presumably also centered axially on the iron rod on both ends or poles of the globe. Beneath one axial terminus a circular sheet of metal was placed on the floor, from which piano wires (number, size or tension not given) stretched to and touched one of the plates of glass. The globe rotated when two persons each grasped the iron axis at its two termini with their respective right hands - one person standing on the circular sheet of metal. Rotation ceased when Keely (who was one of the operators) took hold of the other person's left hand with his right hand (presumably substituting his left hand to grasp the axis.)

"Keely stated the reason to be that "The receptive flows became independent of the circular chord of resonation set up mechanically. The power of rotation comes on the positive and power of negation breaks it up."

"The revolution of the sphere he stated was caused by the "Receptive concussion of two forces, positive and negative, coming together, seeking their coincidents and producing rotation, not by harmonious streams but by harmonious waves." He stated the introductory settings were entirely different from those of the musical sphere and that sound waves had nothing to do with the motion of this globe.

"Could we equate and hold in equation the relations of mind and matter - the brain and the body - we could live eternally in our bodies there being no depreciation of the physical. But a much higher end is attained for the pure ether is liberated from the crude molecular in our physical organisms, effecting the transmutation of emotional, mental and spiritual forces from crude matter and thereby adding to the finer elements of the universe as well as of our individual souls.”

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