19.05.03 - From The Snell Manuscript

"In November, 1884 he (Keely) demonstrated successfully an experiment which he had worked out theoretically but which had failed on several previous attempts. Two persons took firmly hold of an "iron rod". One person stood on a circular sheet of metal, from which piano wire stretched to, and touched, a plate of glass, which in turn insulated a small globe. The description given, indicates the globe was centered axially on the iron rod. Another glass plate insulated the globe, presumably on the other hand. The globe rotated when both persons, took hold of the opposite ends of the iron rod, and rotation ceased when Keely, who was one of the operators, took hold of the other operator's left hand with his right hand. Keely stated the reason for this to be "The reception flows became independent of the circular chord of resonation set up mechanically. The power of rotation comes on the positive and power of negation breaks it up." He stated the reason the sphere revolved was because of the "receptive concussion of two forces, positive and negative, coming together, seeking their coincidents, producing rotation by harmonious waves, not by harmonious streams in this case." He stated the introductory settings were entirely different from those of the musical sphere and that sound waves had nothing whatever to do with rotation of the globe." [|Snell Manuscript]

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