virtual photon flux

"CEM, classical electromagnetics, is still utilizing a model based on a material ether. Although the Michelson-Morley experiment destroyed the material ether assumption in 1887, the classical electromagnetic model has never been corrected. It also contains no definition of charge, and no definition of potential. In many cases, algorithms to calculate a magnitude are boldfacedly and erroneously advanced as "definitions." CEM, classical electromagnetics, still prescribes the force fields as the causes of all electromagnetic phenomena; it has been known since 1959 that forces are effects and not causes, that electromagnetic force fields exist only in and on the charged particles of mass in the physical system, and that the potentials are the primary causes of electromagnetic phenomena. The lack of definitive definitions of mass and force in mechanics is carried over into electromagnetic theory; there is no adequate definition of electromagnetic force or of electromagnetic mass. The magnitude of the electrical charge on an electron is not quantized. Instead, it is discretized, being a function of the magnitude of the virtual photon flux (VPF) exchange between the vacuum and the charged particle. When the charged particle is placed in a potential that differs from ambient, then the magnitude of the virtual photon flux (VPF) - and hence the magnitude of the electric charge on the electron - is altered. The CEM, classical electromagnetics, assumption of an "empty vacuum" is totally falsified by modern quantum mechanics. The CEM, classical electromagnetics, notion that electromagnetic force fields and force field waves exist in vacuum is totally false. Only potentials and potential gradients exist in the vacuum. Electromagnetic waves in vacuum are not force field waves as CEM, classical electromagnetics, prescribes; instead, they are oscillations of potentials and potential gradients. Potentials have a bidirectional electromagnetic wave-pair structure, where the bidirectional wave pairs are phaselocked in a harmonic series. In each wave pair, photons and antiphotons are continually coupling (into spin-2 gravitons) and decoupling. This is where gravitation and electromagnetics are unified. The CEM, classical electromagnetics, notion that singular electromagnetic forces exist in either matter or the vacuum is false; Newton's third law requires that all forces exist in oppositive pairs." [Bearden, The Final Secret of Free Energy]

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